Engineering consultancy, in particular simulation and virtual prototyping are based upon trust in the expert analysis being supplied. With that in mind Aero Solution has created this unique promotion for our new customers: We offer your first project with us for free (*).

We are sure our services will help your company with a new product development or a failure analysis of a product that is yielding poor results in field. We want you to place your confidence in us and we are willing to invest in gaining it.

The process

Step 1: Project definition
You share the details of your requirement with one of our consultants. A professional elicitation process will take place to uncover the roots of the issue. All your sensitive information will be protected (NDA).
Step 2: Project quotation
We will do our best to provide you with a number of options and an excellent price to carry out the work. Remember the first 15 hours of the project are for free.
Step 3: Project delivery
We perform the models and simulations agreed using the most advanced simulation techniques and computing resources.


Send your request

(*) Promotion terms & conditions:

  • Subject to quotation by Aero Solution.
  • The project maximum duration is 15 hours (free project). If the work proposal exceeds 15 hours, the first 15 hours will be free of charge and the rest will be charged at our regular hourly fee.
  • This offer ends on the December 31, 2017.