On Time, Quality Engineering Services by Responsive Houstonian experts
Aero Solution is an engineering service company headquarted Houston TX, U.S.A. The company is formed by a group of senior computational scientists. Each of us has Ph.D with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of mechanical computational engineering.
Aero Solution provides simulation FEA/CFD and mechanical design for aerospace, oil and gas, automotive and renewable energy industries. Aero Solution has project coordination and sales staff that are exceptionally responsive to customers, and keep our computational experts focused on what we can do best.
Aero Solution makes the process of completing any engineering project methodical. We can handle challenging projects and clients that our competitors turn away. We offer 100% money back guarantee on quality satisfaction towards our service. Aero Solution is almost never late with a project.

Why choose Aero Solution?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The intellectual property rights of the customer are safe all across the process. An NDA is signed at the beginning so that all your background is protected. Furthermore, we agree in our terms and conditions of the service to not keep any rights on the intellectual property generated during the project (foreground). You keep all the IP rights of the solution delivered.

No, the price in the bottom line of the quotation is what you will pay, nothing more. Even if the problem is more complex than originally thought we commit to deliver the results at a fixed price so we will assume the extra costs.

We work on a project by project basis providing a turnkey solution. We agree the work to be done and we apply our hourly rates to the time required to deliver the solution; our quotation is produced from this estimate. Our prices are more competitive due to our extremely low hourly rates and streamlining all parts of the process to pass these savings on to you, the customer.
Yes, we have the option of signing a framework contract with regular customers. This means we invoice monthly for the hours spent on the various assignments. The hourly rate is even lower, the flexibility is higher and the administrative paperwork is reduced to a minimum.

Yes, at Aero Solution we are specialists in transforming your 2D drawings into 3D models to be used in the simulations. Even if you don’t have 2D drawings of your products or process elements, we can measure your equipment in situ and create 2D and 3D models for you.

Aero Solution originally is formed by some computational scientists from aero space industry. We want to extend high quality engineering service from aero space to any other industries.

Yes, we can. In some circumstances where the customer has 2D or 3D documentation of the product or process element to be studied and optimized, we can keep all technical and administrative process online.

We are an engineering consultancy devoted to help our customers find a technical solution to their product/process design problems by applying advanced engineering technologies, such as modelling and simulation.